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Why We Jump!

The benefits that come from box hops are amazing and I personally love them! I have always been a big believer in box hops in working with my athletes too, which include cyclists, runners, baseball players, tennis players, triathletes, and… well you get the idea … and box hops benefit everyone. But golfers? How do box hops help my golfers?

First, let’s talk form and benefits. A box hop or box jump is a plyometric exercise where you literally jump from squatted standing onto a box designed to hold and support your full weight. When done properly, utilizing the box jump in your workout results in several benefits:

  • Increases leg strength and muscle tone
  • Builds upper and lower body strength simultaneously
  • Promotes efficiency by using every single muscle in your lower body to propel you forward
  • Develop Hip mobility
  • Increases speed, power and athleticism.
  • Builds coordination and endurance
  • Promotes weight loss by stimulating changes in mitochondria (where fuel is converted into energy so your body burns fat before carbohydrates)
  • Helps create balance as well as strong healthy bones

I think you can see why I’m such a fan of the hop!

For a golfer it comes down to this, fitness experts know that a players’ vertical jump directly correlates to club head speed they can create. I have my golfers do box hops because it helps them develop lower body power which yields more force and leads to greater club head speed and therefore has more distance. But it works into their game in other ways as well. They will have an overall stronger body, more physical and mental endurance so late in the round they won’t begin to fade from fatigue. This helps my golfers close strong when their competition may begin to show signs of being tired and not able to finish with the same consistency as when they started. Sometimes it comes down to one putt or a strong drive at the end of the round that make all the difference – preparation off the course can be the deciding factor in how you finish a round.